Q: Where do you hold trials?

A: I hold trials in a central Exeter location which I hire for the day. Please ask my about available dates when booking.



Q: What should I wear to my trial?

A: On your big day you’ll probably be wearing white/ cream, so it’s a great idea to wear a light coloured top for your trial too.



Q: Should I bring magazine / Pinterest  inspiration pictures to the trial?

A: Please do bring along any pictures you feel will show the style of make-up you like.

When choosing pictures ask yourself, does the girl in the picture have a different eye colour to you, is her skin more tanned or her hair darker? If the answer is yes to any of these then it is unlikely the make-up colours she is wearing will also work for you.

Please think about what are you trying to show me in the picture? Is it the eyeshadow or lipstick colour? Is it the smokiness to the eyes, or the contouring to the cheeks?



Q: Can I bring friends / my mum along to the trial?

A: Don’t feel shy to bring friends along to watch. Trials are really good fun and a great experience to share with a your mum or one of your bridesmaids.