Samantha gorgeous beach celebration at Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe

Samantha had a gorgeous beach celebration held in one of my favourite places, Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe. She was married in October and had an outdoor ceremony but was very lucky to have a beautiful sunny day.

Her seaside theme was full of pretty pastel hues that were seen in the bridesmaids dresses, decor and also echoed in the make-up too. We had met for a trial earlier in the year and had enjoyed a lovely time experimenting with styles that tied in with this theme and had chosen a style that defined her eyes but kept the rest of the look natural with glowing skin and peach colours on her cheeks and lips.

Samantha’s family and bridesmaids all flew over from America for the wedding and so the ceremony was held on a Sunday to allow everyone to bond over several days and get over their jetlag. Then on the wedding day itself we had an early start as I was doing the make-up for Samantha, her 6 bridesmaids and both the bride and grooms mums. So to ensure we had enough time to get everyone ready for the ceremony I drew up a schedule that gave everyone a make-up time plus a little “buffer time” just incase of anything out of my control. However, everything went smoothly and I had a lovely morning with Samantha and her family and was so pleased to be a part of her special day.

After the wedding Samantha wrote to me:
Hi Eve, I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing all of our make-up on our wedding day. Everyone looked absolutely perfect! I’m so impressed you were able to calmly do make-up for nine people in only a few hours and stay perfectly on schedule. Everyone was so happy with how they looked on the day and we all got a ton of compliments! I’ve never seen my mom so confident in her appearance and my friend, Dani, is still talking about having you move to the states to do her make-up everyday haha!
I also want to thank you for all of your help throughout the process – I went into this not knowing much about make-up, or what I even wanted, and without all of your suggestions I know I wouldn’t have been nearly as happy with my appearance on my wedding day as I was.
Thank you so, so much for helping to make our day so perfect! Sam x


With thanks to my bride Samantha and her photographer Albert Palmer for the photos (Wedding Photographer Bristol)

Albert Palmer is a photographer from Bristol, he works mostly in the Bristol and Somerset area but is also happy to travel worldwide.